iPipeline’s e-Sign Strategy & Customer Insights on the Benefits of e-Signature

  • iPipeline

Join Bill Brice, VP e-Signature, iPipeline, and Suzette Godwin Romer, Sr. Director of Sales Operations, ADP Worldwide Sales Operations/Automation, to explore iPipeline’s e-Sign integration strategy for iGO and DocFast and to gain a customer perspective on how AlphaTrust e-Sign is enabling ADP to more efficiently execute business across multiple distribution channels.

After a decade of use, ADP shares how they leveraged AlphaTrust e-Signature to digitally transform their business. More than 700,000 customers in 113 countries working in companies of all types and sizes rely on ADP cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people.

ADP was an early adopter of iPipeline’s AlphaTrust e-Sign product. Join Bill and Suzette as they explore how they have implemented e-Signature to automate their critical business processes, cut costs, and achieve new efficiencies.